New Client – Laguna Woods Mutual 50

We welcome our new client, Laguna Woods Mutual 50 in Laguna Woods Village, Orange County.  Laguna Woods Village is the premier Southern California community for independent, resort-style living for people 55 and older. Just ten minutes from the Laguna Beach coastline, Laguna Woods Village is located on 3.8 square miles of rolling hillsides in South Orange County, California.

Insurance – Homeowner Water Damage Claim

-Insurance-  Homeowners’ claim for water damage caused by a broken pipe in their house was not covered under their insurance policy. Damage that was not observable until months after the pipe burst was not caused by “a sudden and accidental discharge, eruption, overflow or release of water.”  Brown v. Mid-Century Insurance Company – filed April 2, 2013, publication ordered April 24, 2013, Second District, Div. Seven Cite as B238357  Full text

Preventative Maintenance and Impact on Reserves

California Law requires homeowners associations to prepare a reserve study every three years in order to properly plan for funding the maintenance, repair and replacement of common area “major components”. The purpose of the reserve study is to anticipate when major repairs will be needed, and to ensure the funds are available in the reserve account for those repairs at that time. A large part of the reserve study is determining the useful life and Read more…

Ask the Expert

Is an association obligated to provide board candidates access to association media for campaign purposes, and what action, if any, can the association take if campaign materials are derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise controversial? Associations are not obligated to provide board candidates access to association media for campaign purposes. Association election procedures are governed by Civil Code §1363.03 et seq. Civil Code §1363.03(1) provides that an association shall adopt election rules that ensure that if any Read more…