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With this crazy year coming to an end, Team Roseman has begun reflecting on our 2020 successes. Roseman Law, APC prides itself on being a client centered firm. From growing and expanding to global pandemics and mandatory stay at home orders, our firm continues to strive to provide all of our clients an effortless experience. Roseman Law works hard every day to educate, innovate, and thrive.

At Roseman Law we are not just attorneys, we are your legal team. Having our team of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff working together allows us to solve issues in a more timely and cost-effective way. Each matter is assigned to not just one, but two attorneys and a paralegal to work as one cohesive unit to assist our clients. Multiple staff members working on each matter ensures efficient communication between our office and the client. It is our belief that efficient communication is the key to a successful business relationship. Whether we have two, two hundred, or two thousand clients, our firm aims to be readily available for our clients’ every need to build strong, lifelong relationships.

Often times, education is one of the main components of that relationship. Our firm promotes education both internally and externally. Our office remains up to date on new legislation and case law pertaining to business, real estate, and community associations. Our team meets internally to discuss how new laws will impact our clients and create a plan of action on how to best assist our clients moving forward. The attorneys of Roseman Law utilize this knowledge when they present fiduciary duty seminars, educating Boards of Directors on how to handle their fiduciary duties as members of the Association’s Board. Our firm also attends both executive session and general Board meetings to guide Directors on issues they experience in their own communities. Those meetings can be supplemented with legal opinions advising on a wide range of issues. In addition to hosting seminars for Board members, our office also hosts educational seminars for groups of community managers. Many members of Team Roseman play an active role in important trade organizations such as California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and Community Associations Institute (CAI). With Roseman Law offices throughout Southern California, we participate in CAI – Greater Los Angeles, Channel Islands, the Greater Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, and Cochella Valley chapters. Our attorneys will lecture at CACM and CAI luncheons, educational expos, and various other events.

While keeping education at the forefront, our office is constantly adapting, innovating, and finding new ways to connect with our clients to ensure they receive the best results. Our ability to adapt and innovate has allowed Team Roseman members to seamlessly transition to our “new normal” and remote work and contact with our clients. We immediately researched and determined the best way to hold Board meetings, educational seminars, and webinars virtually. Implementing this training allowed Team Roseman to utilize such information to assist our clients on how to hold successful virtual Board meetings, all without skipping a beat. Our marketing team utilized our website and social media platforms to keep our clients up to date in real time. Our office recognized that our clients had a multitude of questions about the difficult new situation we were all now living in, so we decided to host a weekly Q&A webinar where our attorneys provided free legal advice to all participants. Holding over twenty-five free Q&A webinars, our office was able to help countless Board Members and Community Managers learn proactive solutions to problems they were experiencing in their communities.

At Roseman Law, our hope is that we can be a proactive resource for our clients to be successful. When our clients thrive, we thrive.