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Assessment Collection Enforcement Service

Roseman Law’s Assessment Collection Enforcement Service (ACES) is a real-time, cloud based assessment collection recovery system that will considerably streamline your Association’s collection process.


Providing Real-Time Reports

Now more than ever, Boards and Managers need up-to-the-minute information regarding delinquent accounts in order to make informed and educated decisions in the collection process. Our ACES system eliminates the need to request manual status reports and allows our clients to check the status of their delinquent homeowner’s accounts online with real-time updates and information.


Eliminating Costly Delays

Roseman Law’s ACES system also tracks the relevant time frames of each delinquent account so that unnecessary delays are not only minimized, but eliminated. Our system alerts us when it is time to take the next step in the assessment collection process, which guarantees timely recovery of the amounts owed to our clients as soon as legally possible.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your assessment collection needs. Please contact us if you have any questions, or to sign up with our ACES program.